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Multi-player shooting game The Burning Descent is a fast-paced, intuitive, competitive VR shooter in which you play as mercenaries battling it out in a deathmatch arena.

Virtual reality game,
accessible for children
and adults

8 + Age players play arenas
2 à 10 players
4 4 game arenas
An immersive experience in a stylized post-apocalyptic world, halfway between Fortnite and a laser game designed to be dynamic, efficient, combative and competitive.

The Burning Descent is an excellent FPS in which players compete in a fast-paced deathmatch set in a colossal arena.

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A single goal,
to beat
your rivals.
2 game modes
ffa deathmatch

death combat
open to all

Compete against each other individually. get the best score at the end of the time limit. The player with the most frags is the ultimate winner.

Team deathmatch


fight in teams.
Strategize to make your team the best and win the game.

A unique movement system

In The Burning Descent, you teleport from one platform to another in the blink of an eye. Not only is this a unique way to move in VR games, it's also an ultra-fast way to move around the battlefield.

Spot your opponents with 3D spatial sound

Listen to the sounds of your opponents' movements to anticipate your moves.

No motion sickness

The game has been designed and refined using a scientific approach to VR, reducing motion sickness to an absolute minimum and guaranteeing an optimal experience, even for sensitive gamers.

Body movements

Stand out from the crowd by crouching, stooping and thinking to make yourself a harder target and increase the intensity of your fight.

Cooler weapons to collect in-game

Change your gear by collecting cooler weapons during the game.

Like a lazer game

Shooting accuracy, most used weapon, most shot etc...
Find all the details of your game in the individual scorecards handed out at the end of the game.
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Licence LBVR
From 1 to 60 minutes Configurable playing time.
Recommended playing time :
12 minutes / game
Number of parts Choice of parameters.
Automatic restart of games according to set parameters
getting started tutorial not included in
paid minutes
Scorecard Individual cards. Printable or e-mail
White brand Customization with your logo. Customization of scorecards with your logo
Spectator mode Real-time score display, remaining time display, automatic rotation of shots...
Bonus Solo time attack
mode Free

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